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Property Safety Tips

Preparing for Winter

  •  Remove flammable materials from around your furnace

  •  Clean your fireplace chimney

  •  Check doors and windows for cracks or broken glass

  •  Check Foundations for cracks

  •  Install Fire Extinguishers and Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  •  Drain water pipes that are not in use

  •  Assemble an

  •  Make sure generators are working properly

  •  Inspect roof for missing shingles and gutters and downspouts for blockages

  •  Keep sidewalks and driveways shoveled and free from ice—use ice melt if necessary

  • *If you have a seasonal home or leave for an extended period of time, consider purchasing a heat/freeze alarm. This may prevent a fire or frozen/ broken pipe claim from occurring.

Preparing for Summer

  •  Inspect your property for damage that may have occurred over the winter.  Pay close attention to roof, gutters and downspouts.

  •  Fix any plumbing problems before they happen again next year.

  •  Keep your lawn mower properly maintained and be sure to use all required safety guards to avoid flying debris.

  •  Inspect bicycles for safety.  Be sure to make sure brakes are working and that helmets are worn!

  •  Pool depths should be properly displayed. No diving into pools and ponds with unknown or shallow depths.

  •  Be cautious around campfires. Please be sure to fully extinguish the fire when you are finished.

  •  Use extreme caution when operating boats and jet-skis. Does everyone have a life jacket?

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